• Raw Goats Milk - $10/gal We feed excellent quality grain and alfalfa to supplement pasture for our high producing does. Raw milk for human consumption is not legal in N.C., but we have the same stringent standards of care with our pet milk as we do with the milk we personally drink. Our top priority is your pet's health. Many of our customers also use goats milk to make natural soap.
  • Raw Cow Milk - $10/gal Our cows eat mostly grass, with a little grain to help keep their production up. Our customers routinely comment on the high cream content in our milk, and we agree! It's awesome to see a cream line halfway down the container. Raw milk for human consumption is not legal in N.C., but it is fantastic for feeding orphan animals or milk-raised pork or veal.
  • Free Range Eggs - $4/doz Our hens have daily access to vegetarian grain, grass, and bugs while they free range. You'll certainly notice the difference in their bright orange yolks compared to the dull yellow ones in confinement raised chickens eggs. Our eggs are unwashed to keep their protective bloom intact.
  • Pork See our "pigs" page for our many different cuts of pork available. We have been so thrilled with how amazingly flavourful this heritage breed pork has been! Not a breakfast goes by without sausage on the plate. Come try some before we eat it all!
  • Goat Milk Soap Our goat milk soap is smooth, moisturising, and incredibly long lasting. We offer a wide variety of different scents to suit all seasons!
  • Pastured Poultry - Sold out Our broilers were moved to fresh pasture twice daily, and fed excellent quality feed. These were processed a few weeks later than commercial birds, allowing them to grow slower and become more flavorful.
  • Compost What in our compost? Poop, and lots of it. The chickens and goats are bedded on pine shavings and straw, which take longer to break down the plain manure, so our compost is aged for 6 months to a year. We can sell compost by the bag or truckload.