In Theory Tesla & In Theory Darwin


2/22/14 AB001668425 - pictured at 5 weeks and 1 week.

We are very excited to send Dawin and Tesla as herdsires in NC and VA. Their paternal grandam, GCH Heaven's Hollow Shiloh 6*M appraised a 91 EEEE as a three year old and was the 2012 ADGA National Champion. Additionally, she has 18 Best of Breed and 11 Best of Show wins. Shiloh's dam, SGCH Heaven's Hollow Shotsi 5*M, appraised a 92 EEEE, and was the ADGA Reserve National Champion in 2008 and National Champion in 2009. In 2001, Shotsi was 1st in milk production with 4080 lbs. She was 2nd in 2008 and 5th in 2007. She was awarded the Total Producer Award at the 2010 National Show, and in 2012 became an Elite doe.

Darwin and Tesla's dam, GCH Buttin'heads Hanna 2*M, appraised 89 VEVE as a 2 year old, and 87 VEVV after a long show season as a 4 year old. Hanna's other kids are proving very successful in the show ring, and we hope Tesla and Darwin continue that trend.

*B Heaven's Hollow Major *B Heaven's Hollow Toby Mac SG +*B White-Haven Tumnus - 91 VEE
SGCH Heaven's Hollow Jezabell 4*M - 91 VEVE
GCH Heaven's Hollow Shiloh 6*M - 91 VEVE +B Wyojem Conan's Jeffery - 89 VEE
SGCH Heaven's Hollow Shotsi 5*M - 92 EEEE
GCH Buttin'heads Hanna 2*M - 87 VEVV SG +*B White-Haven Tumnus - 91 VEE +*B Tonka-Tails Viking Legend - 90 EVE
GCH White-Haven Misty *M - 90 VEEE
GCH Buttin'Heads O Girl *M - 86 +V+E GCH +B Cream-of-Kansas' It'sbout Time - 88 VVV
SGCH Buttin'Heads Oprah - 88 VEVV