Udderly-Crazy Center Stage - EEEA 85


4/9/03 AB1265105 Sage lived to be an 11 year old Oberhasli doe. We lost her on July 2015. She was the first place Junior kid at the 2003 American Dairy Goat Association National Show. Sage was nominated to be in the yearly Spotlight Sale, where she sold for $2,250. Sage was an incredibly long, tall, upstanding doe that exuded dairy character. She was very deep bodied, and wide and level through the rump. Sage had trouble with kidding and early lactation as a 10 year old and her udder attachments suffered the consequences. Sage had an outstanding will to milk, was our highest producer, but unfortunately, her illness dashed our hopes of getting her star.

Udderly-Crazy PC Hot Stuff - 87 VEV SG ++*B White-Haven Merit - 87 VVE SG ++*B Destiny-Farm Bizmark - 78 AE+
GCH Body Shops Key Lime Breezer *M - 88 VEEV
Udderly-Crazy Parson's Classic - 87 VEEV SG ++*B Body-Shops Tipsy Cherry Parson
GCH The Happy Day Angel 2*M - 86 EEE+
GCH Udderly-Crazy Angel's Legacy 3*M - 87 +EEV SG ++*B Body-Shops Adolpha's Retsina ++*B Lyme Kiln S M Hans Michael
GCH Seneca Valley's Adolpha 7*M - 85 +VEV
GCH The Happy Day Angel 2*M - 86 EEE+ Swiss Miss I Am Sofine
GCH Three Lakes Sarah 1*M

Milk Record

Age Days in Milk Milk Butterfat Butterfat % Protein Protein %
11-01 86 649 32 4.9 19 2.9
11-10 107 454 28 6.2 16 3.5

Show Wins

Year Show Judge Win Notes
2014 PDGA Spring Show Kristopher Fraley Reserve  

Linear Apprasial

Date Age General Appearance Dairy Character Body Capacity Mammary Final Score
06/02/2014 11-02 E E E A 85

Sage's kids


  • Udderly-Crazy PC Hot Stuff
  • GCH Udderly-Crazy Angel's Legacy
  • GCH Udderly-Crazy Angel's Legacy
  • SGCH Udderly-Crazy Sangria 9*M
  • SGCH Udderly-Crazy Sangria 9*M
  • SGCH Udderly-Crazy A Southern Belle 9*M
  • Udderly-Crazy In Good Faith
  • Udderly-Crazy In Good Faith
  • Udderly-Crazy Cajun King
  • Udderly-Crazy Good Fortune
  • Paternal half sisters